Employee of the Month

Every month, Mayor Esteban Bovo, Jr. recognizes an employee for their continuous efforts in serving our community. Congratulations to these employees for exceeding the expectations and demonstrating high-quality work performance.

January - Sandra Velazquez, Police Department

Sandra Velazquez (January)

March - Pedro Gonzalez, Construction & Maintenance

Pedro Gonzalez (March)

February - Ashley Scott, ECS Department

Ashley Scott (February)

April - Andrew Bosch, Purchasing

Andrew Bosch (April)

May - Emerly Rojas, Police Department

Emerly Rojas (May)

June - Jessica Lasprilla, Finance

Jessica Lasprilla June 2022

July - Izandra Torres, Grants & Human Services

July - Izandra Torres

September - Doris Guerrero, Parks & Recreation

Doris Guerrero

August - Rubin Wilson, Fire Department

Rubin Wilson

October - Lorena Amable Santos , Human Resources

Lorena Amable Santos