Short Term Events

Any event that lasts 30 days or less where temporary structures and facilities are required is a Short Term Event. These events can be for revivals, carnivals, assemblies, circuses, sporting tournaments, and for the sale of such items as sparklers, Christmas trees, pumpkins, stuffed animals, and/or flowers.

Temporary Structures

The following temporary structures can be included under the Short Term Event:

   * Membrane structures (tents)
   * Stages
   * Bleachers
   * Towers for lighting or sound systems
   * Platforms
   * Lifts
   * Ramps
   * Non-Portable ventilation systems
   * Enclosed cooking facilities

Not all temporary structures utilized in a Short Term Event require building permits. No building permits are required for membrane structures (tents) that are 10' x 12' in size or less provided the tents are not being utilized for the sale of items such as sparklers, Christmas trees, pumpkins, stuffed animals, and/or flowers.

Applying for a Short Term Event Permit

The following will be required:
   * A completed permit application signed by the property owner and a qualified applicant 
   * Two complete sets of plans showing all property lines, together with dimensions of the same; all street(s) or avenue(s)          on which the property is located; the location, setbacks of all the temporary structure(s); the location and number of
      restroom facilities. 
   * Plans detailing the structures must comply with the Florida Building Code and NFPA 102
   * All plans must include structural calculations and when applicable, a copy of the Class A flame spread certification
   * Plans must be signed and sealed by a State of Florida licensed and registered architect or engineer.
   * A completed Professional Certification for Short Term Event Affidavit and Verification Form must be included in the plans.
          * The form must be signed by the property owner, event holder, prime contractor, and all applicable subsidiary 
            contractors (electrical, plumbing, mechanical)
          * Additionally, the form requires the signature and seal of a Florida licensed and registered architect or engineer
            who will be responsible for performing plan reviews and inspections for Florida Code requirements

The Building Official will rely on the Affidavit to issue the permit without the examination of the plans. However, the plans will be reviewed by other applicable agencies including, but not limited to the Zoning Department and the Hialeah Fire Department.

Your event permit includes all trade-related work (electrical, plumbing, or mechanical permits). That is why your subsidiary contractors are required to sign the Professional Certification for Short Term Events Affidavit and Verification forms.

This information is being provided to you as a guide to assist you with the building permitting process for Short Term Events. Please contact each applicable agency to verify and obtain recent information. 


The Department will rely on the professional who signed the Affidavit to inspect the erection and installation of all temporary facilities and will perform an inspection seven days after the event's conclusion only to ensure all temporary structures have been removed. However, other departments may require you to call for other inspections during construction.