Request HPD Off Duty Services

Request HPD Off Duty Services

You can reach the officeby calling: 305-687-2525.

To meet the unique needs of our community, the Hialeah Police Department offershourly police-services for private entities. Four separate off-duty options areavailable:

·        Temporary Off-Duty Details- shortterm, non-repetitive, which usually occur on short notice. Cancellation of an off-duty detail must be received bythe Off-Duty Unit.

·        Permanent Off-Duty Details-repetitive,involving the same employer. Requests for permanent off-duty services are madeby completing a “Permanent Off-Duty Police Service Application” which will be complete by the Off-Duty Unit.

·        Special Event Off-Duty Details-infrequent,one time, or annual events, which require a City permit, may involve largenumbers of people, and the use of City property, streets, and/or parks. A Special Event detail requires a permit, which iscoordinated with the Office of the City Clerk phone: 305-883-5820. To obtain this permit pleasevisit The City of Hialeah City Hall Building located at 501 Palm Avenue.

Formore information or to request off-duty employment, contact the Off-Duty Unit bycalling: 305-687-2525.