Investigations Bureau

The Investigations Bureau

Follows up on crimes reported to the police department. Uniformed police prepare initial reports on crimes they witness while on patrol or those that civilians report at the station. The matter is then assigned to a criminal investigator, either because it is his area of expertise or because he is on call. He follows up on the report by preparing and executing an investigation plan that involves interviewing witnesses, suspects and victims, positively identifying suspects through physical evidence such as fingerprint verification and examining all available leads.

How long with it takes for a Detective to be assigned to a case?

A police officer completes an initial report soon after he/she concluded a prelaminated investigation and then quickly forward the report to the investigation bureau. The report summarize the events leading up to the crime and provide numerous other details, such as dates, time, location, and witnesses’ names and addresses. The case should be assigned to a detective in approximately 2 business days. If you have question about your case please contact the Investigation Bureau at 305-953-5200.


In Florida, False Report of a Crime, or ‘False Police Report,’ occurs where a person makes a willful allegation to law enforcement regarding the commission of a crime, while knowing that no such crime has occurred. The offense carries misdemeanor penalties, including up to 1 year in jail.

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