Garden of the Arts Cultural Park

General Obligation Bonds (GOB)
Building Better Communities Program

Miami-Dade County has provided the City of Hialeah with General Obligation Bonds (GOB) as a means to finance government capital improvement projects through the Building Better Communities Program.

Capital Improvements

The City of Hialeah has utilized funding from the Building Better Communities Program with GOB funds for a number of capital improvement projects including renovations to the John F. Kenney Library, Milander Aquatic Center Locker Rooms, Recreational Areas of James H. Bright Park, Pool and Playground Areas of McDonald Park, Playground Area at Carl Slade Park, and the Playground Area at Victor Wilde Park.

Parks Projects

Through the use of GOB funds, the City has also successfully built new parks for the enhanced beautification and cultural enrichment of Hialeah including the Garden of the Arts open-air museum and the Don Quijote passive park, each located near high-traffic areas for increased visibility.