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Monica Perez

Council President

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Councilwoman Monica Perez was born and raised in our City of Hialeah with her parents and younger brother. Her parents exiled from Cuba to this country when they were children. Now Councilwoman Perez is married raising her own family in our city. She went to Catholic school since her elementary years and later graduated from Monsignor Edward Pace High School.

She earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Education with a minor in Marketing at Florida International University. During her college years, she began branching into different work experiences starting with an F.I.U. program that implemented a teaching magnet with Miami-Dade County Public Schools. This program was lead in the university and allowed the students of Norland Senior High School and Miami Senior High School to be enriched in classroom instruction, hands-on projects and field trips while preparing future leadership qualities. She was very proud to have lead in the success of this program. In her early college years, her love for being around children in our community was very evident; she enjoyed working within the Greater Hialeah Y.M.C.A. organization as a cheerleading coach and an after school coordinator.

Community Service

She has treasured offering many volunteer hours in programs that have helped under privilege and abused children. These are memories that have touched her heart most and taught the best life lessons. She worked within the University of Miami Child Protection Team with an extremely compassionate group of psychologist that assist children who have been mentally, physically and sexually abused. Another endeavor was working with ‘CBS neighbors 4 neighbors, Adopt a Family for the Holidays’. It is a beautiful experience to bring joy to families yearly who truly were in need and alleviate a burden. She also loved teaching in the religious CCD programs for school age children at her local church.


She enjoys teaching at a local elementary school with a loving community of students, colleagues and administration. She provides a challenging, relatable and loving educational program that recognizes exceptional students. She has submitted students to many competitions with individual projects that have been recognized for prizes and ribbons. She was the Youth Fair Liaison and the S.T.E.A.M. Miami-Dade Olympiad Liaison for many years. She was a GIFTED teacher, T.E.A.M. Teacher and an E.S.E. inclusion teacher for math and science. She has also actively participated in the Multicultural committee and Math Committee, while leading the school as the cheerleading coach.

Councilwoman Perez’s professional objective has been to be creative, results-oriented and successfully motivate others. She knows that teaching is a gift of knowing how to relate knowledge in an articulate and persuasive setting for all learners while helping our community. She is hopeful that these skills will establish a healthy communication with her constituents, colleagues, staff and the diverse families that are in our community to move our city of Hialeah into one of hope and positive movement.

“I remember my first day of work, opening my classroom door and seeing all my bulletins and routines placed ready for the year to commence. My eyes watered, from joy and excitement for what the following years would bring in my career and the responsibility I felt for all the children that I would be able to reach. At the start of every year- that feeling still remains the same! On November 8th, 2019 when I was sworn into office as an elected official, I felt the same emotions, filled with ideas and hope for our city’s future!”