Henry Milander Park

Park Amenities

Welcome to Milander Park! This 19.2 acre recreational facility has the following amenities:
  • Lighted basketball courts (2)
  • Lighted junior sized basketball court
  • Lighted general field area
  • Children's playground
  • Recreation building
  • Ted Hendricks Stadium

Fun Facts!

Milander Park was named after Henry Milander who served as Mayor of the City of Hialeah from 1941-1945 and again from 1947-1974.

Milander Park is also home to Ted Hendricks Stadium which is most commonly utilized by local high schools to host their sporting events throughout the school year.

The Milander Center for Arts & Entertainment is also located on park grounds. This beautiful venue has been commonly used for weddings, theatrical performances, large scale conferences and various City events.