Carl F. Slade Park

Park Amenities

Welcome to Slade Park! This 13 acre recreational facility has the following amenities:
  • Lighted basketball courts (2)
  • Lighted youth baseball fields (3)
  • Lighted tennis courts (2)
  • Outdoor fitness area
  • Pavilion area
  • Children's playground
  • Recreation building

Fun Facts!

Slade Park was named after Carl F. Slade, an appointed officer during World War 2. He owned funeral homes in Hialeah which also provided ambulance services. These services were provided to the City at almost no cost when the City had no such services.

Slade Park is also utilized by the adjacent school, Hialeah Educational Academy during school hours to provide students with an outdoor element to their day.

Slade Park was one of the only facilities with a roller hockey rink.