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City of Hialeah, Florida, March 21, 2023 - In an effort to expand Miami-Dade County’s tree canopy by leveraging local resources, Neat Streets Miami-Dade County awarded the City of Hialeah a 2023 GREEN Miami-Dade County Matching Grant for its 2023 City of Hialeah-Miami Dade County GREEN tree Planting Project in the amount of $99,900.00. In its eighth year, Neat Streets Miami-Dade County awarded 17 organizations with matching grants to GREEN up public lands in our county and advance the Million Trees Miami-Dade County initiative, a community-wide effort to achieve a 30 percent overall tree canopy.


"As the Chair of Neat Streets Miami-Dade County, I am excited to work alongside our municipal partners, including (City of Hialeah), to increase our countywide tree canopy,” said County Commissioner Eileen Higgins. “Never before have we awarded so much money to such a diverse pool of applicants. The investments in public land will go a long way in reaching our 30% urban tree canopy goal, making a real difference in the health and beauty of our community."


“The Neat Streets Tree Miami Tree Matching program enabled the City of Hialeah and the Miami Dade County to establish a partnership with the mutual goal of beautifying the city’s corridors and gateways with additional tree canopy that will make the travel ways more pleasant appealing to traverse”, said City of Hialeah Streets Department Director Jose Sanchez.


As part of this project, City of Hialeah will plant 222 (46 Green Buttonwood, 35 Live Oak, 19 Pink Tabebuias, 19 Japanese Ferns, 25 Brazil Beauty-Leaf, 7 Paradise trees, 16 Queen Crape Myrtles, 4 Orange Geigers, 19 Gumbo Limbo, 14 Crape Myrtle, and 18 Wild Tamarind) trees to provide shade and beautify their community. Additionally, in 2023 the City will also plant trees in the Babcock and Goodlet Parks. 


Made possible through the County’s Tree Trust Fund, preference was given to areas with low tree canopy and low-to-moderate income populations.  


About Million Trees Miami-Dade County and Neat Streets Miami-Dade County: 

Launched by Neat Streets Miami-Dade County, the Million Trees Miami-Dade County initiative is a community-wide effort to achieve a 30 percent tree canopy cover for Miami-Dade County. Neat Streets Miami-Dade County is a multi-jurisdictional board dedicated to the promotion of ecological and human health by creating and maintaining sustainable, beautiful, clean, and environmentally equitable spaces countywide.

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