Amnesty Program

What is the Building Relief Program?

The Building Relief program is intended to encourage voluntary compliance with the Florida Building Code and all other applicable construction standards by mitigating penalties and fines for all eligible program participants who take decisive action to correct all work done without the benefit of a building permit before the City commences any action to enforce the Code.

How long is the program in effect?

The Building Relief Program shall be in effect for a period of three years from February 27, 2018, or as determined by the Building Official.

How do I qualify to participate in the Building Relief Program?

The applicant must self-report all work that was done without the required permits in violation of the Florida Building Code and submit an application and all the required documentation, including but not limited to a detailed correction plan, affidavits, as-built plans, etc. for consideration.

Am I eligible if my property has been cited for building without a permit or illegal unit?

An applicant is not eligible to participate in the Building Relief Program if the city has commenced to enforce the Code, including but not limited to issuance of a Notice of Civil Violation..

What documents am I required to submit?

The applicant shall submit an as-built set of plans along with an as-built certificate satisfactory to the Building Official issued by a Florida registered architect or professional engineer. The architect or engineer shall inspect the building, structure, or addition proposed to be legalized and provide and attest by affidavit that the building, structure or addition can be legalized.

How much does it cost to apply for the building relief program?

The building permit related fees under the Building Relief Program shall be as provided in the current Building Department Fee Schedule as amended from time to time. The City will not assess double permit fees for all permits issued under the Building Relief Program.


The building official shall determine the reasonable amount of time that will take to complete all corrective action to comply with the Florida Building Code. If the applicant fails to complete the corrective action plan and fails to obtain compliance with the Florida Building Code within said time, the case may be referred to the city’s code compliance department for enforcement action.

*You may inquire at the Building Department for specific requirements applicable to your particular case or refer to the City of Hialeah Code of Ordinances Section 14-9.