Youth Advisory Board


The Youth Advisory Board shall meet at least monthly. The Board shall establish the date, time and place of its meetings.


The youth advisory board shall consist of eight members between the ages of 15 and 21 years. Each councilmember and the mayor shall select a member. Members shall serve without compensation. Members shall serve for a term of two years.

An adult advisor shall be appointed by majority vote of the City Council. The adult advisor shall act as a liaison between the young people and the community at large and its elected officials. The advisor shall assist in the preparation of any request by the Youth Advisory Board to the City Council for expenditures and shall be responsible for monitoring the spending of any approved expenditure.

About the Board

The enumerated powers and duties of the Youth Advisory Board are to:

  1. Advise the City Council on significant and pertinent matters relating to young people within the City.
  2. Report and advise the City Council on the needs, goals, objectives and results of activities relating to young persons in the community.
  3. Represent the City and its interests in any county, state or national initiatives, programs, boards and committees concerning young people.
  4. Promote sports, cultural activities and community projects for young people in the community.
  5. Educate young people in exercising their rights and privileges under law and their civic duty and responsibilities.
  6. Educate young people concerning the function of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government as it pertains to young people and adults.