Faith Committee


The Committee shall be composed of up to 15 members, all of whom shall be appointed by the Mayor. The Mayor shall select a chairperson from the membership of the Committee. Appointees may include, but shall not be limited to, representatives from community charities, religious-sponsored charities, foundations, corporations and municipalities. The Mayor shall fill any vacancy occurring on the Committee. All members shall serve at the pleasure of the Mayor.

About the Committee

The Mayor’s Community and Religious-Sponsored Charities Advisory Committee (Faith Committee) is hereby established in order to help the City of Hialeah coordinate efforts to utilize and expand opportunities for community and religious-sponsored charities to address social needs in Hialeah.

The Committee shall advise the Mayor on policies, priorities and objectives for the City’s comprehensive effort to enlist, enable and expand the work of community charities, religious-sponsored charities and other volunteer organizations. The duties of the Committee are to determine:

  • How best to encourage private charitable giving to support community needs;
  • How best to bring concerns, ideas and policy options to the Mayor for assisting and supporting successful community charities and religious-sponsored charities;
  • How best to showcase and publicize innovative grassroots non-profit organizations and civic initiatives;
  • How best to ensure that the efforts of the community and religious-sponsored charities meet objective criteria for performance and accountability.