Victim Advocate Unit

About the Unit

The Victim Advocate Unit is composed of professionals trained to assist anyone who has been a victim or witness to a crime within the City of Hialeah. The purpose of the unit is to assist victims with coping with the emotional trauma that is often the result of crime victimization. The Victim Advocates provide services that help survivors with recuperating their lives.

Our Victim Advocates assist victims with different services such as: the victim compensation program, information regarding the criminal justice process, information regarding the restraining order process, address confidentiality program, safety planning, referrals to shelters, referrals to counseling, etc. The Victim Advocates follow-up with victims to assist with unmet needs. They maintain contact with mental health providers, hospitals, The Office of Attorney General, Rape Treatment Center, and other community providers to assist with delivery of quality services and the continuity of care.

Additionally, they work closely with detectives while maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality. Our Advocates may have to share information related to an investigation with their supervisors. However, our Victim’s Advocates ensure the needs of victims and survivors of crimes are met in a safe environment, while maintaining their rights to privacy and protection. The federal government has passed laws to establish a set of victims’ rights. Research your rights as a victim of a crime to ensure your rights are being met throughout your journey through the criminal justice process.

Law Enforcement Trust Fund

If you are an organization serving crime victims and would like to apply for Law Enforcement Trust Fund (LETF) funding, please fill out the form.

Domestic Violence Shelters

  • SafeSpace North: 305-758-2546
  • Safespace South: 305-245-5011
  • The Lodge: 305-693-1170
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