About the Department

The Hialeah Police Department is currently the 75th largest law enforcement agency in the country, with over 355 sworn and 500 non-sworn members and provides police services to the 6th largest city in the state of Florida.


The Chief of Police manages the department with the assistance of four Majors responsible for the following Divisions:

  • Major George Fuente - Administrative Major
  • Major Hubert Ruiz - Criminal Investigations Division Major
  • Major Manuel Rodriguez - Uniform Patrol Division Major
  • Major Ernesto Clavijo - Professional Compliance Bureau

The department consists of a wide variety of specialty areas including but not limited to:

  1. Uniform Patrol
  2. Crime Suppression
  3. Criminal Investigations

Uniform Patrol Division

There are five Patrol Districts, each overseen by a District Commander:

  • District 1 - Commander Yan Perez
  • District 2 - Commander Ernesto Gutierrez
  • District 3 - Commander Gabriel Gonzalez
  • District 4 - Commander Luis Lahera
  • District 5 - Commander Rudy Bello
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