Protect Your Home or Business

What You Can Do

There are things you can do to minimize or eliminate property damage before a flood event occurs. Grading your property, elevating and securing electrical appliances, placing all low-lying electrical fixtures on separate electrical circuits, and using flood-resistant materials on exterior surfaces are some ways you can help protect your property.

Under emergency situations, sandbags can be used to shore structures, and elevating or covering furniture and valuables can help minimize damage.

Buildings can also be permanently retrofitted for better flood protection! The entire building can be elevated; flood-proofing materials can be permanently affixed to the structure, or you can add a second story to the building, and use the bottom story for parking, access and storage.

What We Do

To reduce street flooding, the City of Hialeah’s Storm Water Utility is implementing local drainage projects throughout the City and identifying and prioritizing future projects.