Hialeah Fire Department Logistics Division provides the necessary support to facilitate the effectiveness and efficient management of a fire department.

Equipment Responsibilities

The logistics division is responsible for the purchasing, distribution, and keeping inventory of all:

  • Firefighter personal protective clothing (bunker gear)
  • Firefighting equipment
  • Region-7 Hazardous Materials assets
  • Uniforms
  • Weapons of mass destruction assets

This division is the resource allocation of all Fire Academy training equipment.

The Logistics Division also supplies and supports all hurricane equipment and supplies, as well as all portable communication devices.

Vehicle Responsibilities

In addition to the purchasing and supplying of equipment, the logistics division designs and coordinates the procurement of Fire Department vehicles along with the maintenance, repairs, and purchasing of all Fire Department apparatus.

Facility Responsibilities

Coordination of the Hialeah Fire Department physical facility and the maintenance of all fire stations, the fire administration building and the construction / remodeling of new and existing fire department facilities is an additional primary role of the logistics division.