Today in Your Area

Today in Your Area

“Today In Your Area” is a Code Compliance newsletter designed to keep you informed on what’s happening in your own neighborhood. The Code Enforcement Division would like to share with you some of the concerns and issues that have been reported or have been observed right on your neighborhood. We encourage all residents to get involved, not only by reporting problems but to be part of the solution by staying informed.

Taking Action

  • The rainy season has been upon us for the past months. We appreciate all those residents that have been maintaining the grass, shrubs, and hedge; as well as keeping trees trimmed and pruned on a regular basis. Check your yard for any materials that may hold stagnant water, for this could become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Swimming pools also need to be treated with more frequency during this season. Dirty pools also become a breeding pool for mosquitoes; please report them to Code Enforcement Division.
  • Illegal dumping has become a problem that affects our neighborhoods and makes our city look unpleasant to the residents and visitors. All residents must get informed about bulk trash, pickup schedules and other related regulations. Report any suspicious or illegal dumping activity to your Police Department non emergency number, Code Enforcement Division or Solid Waste Department.
  • Remember to maintain all types of fences in good condition. Whether your fence is chain link, masonry or fiberglass built they must be repaired, replaced or painted when needed. Broken fences may become unsafe and a hazard to the public.
  • Political Signs: Please keep in mind that political signs are limited to one sign per lot per frontage on each right of way for each candidate and the maximum size is 8 square feet and maximum 2 feet in height from the ground. Code Compliance and the office of City Clerk will issue notices of violations to political campaigns that violate regulations.
  • Garage Sales or Yard Sales are a part of the American way of life. It’s a smart way of decluttering our homes and yards and at the same time make some cash. Get organized and gather as much inventory as possible for the sale since the city only allows 2 per year. A useful tip to get the most of your garage sale is to team up with another family. You’ll have twice as much inventory and twice exposure in a single day. Remember to remove all “Sales” postings after the event is over. Visit or call City of Hialeah License Department for permit information and other regulations.


Connect to Code Compliance Division. We would like to invite you to be part of the solution. Contact us and share what’s happening in your neighborhood. Your concerns will be addressed and published in “TODAY IN YOUR AREA.” Let’s Work Together for a Better Hialeah!