Storm Drain Protection

Your Roadway Stormwater Drainage Systems

Throughout the year heavy rainfalls remind us of the importance of properly functioning roadway stormwater drainage systems. The City of Hialeah Stormwater Division has an aggressive drainage system construction and maintenance program. The Stormwater Utility User Fee, which is paid by each property owner or occupant, provides a primary source of funding for this program.

In order for the City to provide the best possible drainage of our streets, it is important for all residents to assist in keeping our storm drain inlets free of trash and debris that can cause the drains to not function. The illegal dumping of oil and other liquids into a storm inlet can also result in plugged drains, which may cause street flooding.

Grass Swales & Ponding

Grass swales are also part of the drainage system in many neighborhoods. The swales provide for immediate collection of storm water to reduce ponding in the street. Ponding of rainfall in the swale allows the water to naturally soak into the ground and also reduces pollutants that may enter our waterways. Property owners should maintain their swale in a manner that allows it function as part of the drainage system and remember that it is illegal to improperly pave the swale in front of your property.