Streets & Stormwater

Roadway Division

The Roadway Division manages the streets engineering, construction management, construction, maintenance and repair, and operation of the City’s infrastructure. The division has an aggressive construction and maintenance program whose main goal is to maintain and improve the City’s right-of-ways and roadways to ensure the safety of the residents and public by providing the best professional, technical, and engineering services.

Stormwater Utility Division

The Stormwater Utility Program was created in 1993 in response to Miami-Dade County’s Stormwater Utility Ordinance. The City of Hialeah administers, staffs, and manages the utility through its Streets Department. This program serves as a dedicated source of funding for stormwater management in the City under Section 403.0893, Florida Statutes.

The Stormwater Utility Program also administers the City’s USEPA National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) - Permit Number FLS000023. This permit covers all areas within the political boundary of the City of Hialeah served by, or otherwise contributing to, discharges from municipal separate storm sewers to the waters of the United States.

The City of Hialeah is a founding member of The Florida Association of Stormwater Utilities (FASU).

Current Roadway & Stormwater Improvement Projects

Project Location
Type Contractor
NW 102 Ave from 162 to 170 St Reconstruction Metro Express, Inc.
NW 102 Ave from 138 to 145 Pl Reconstruction Acosta Tractors
NW 97 Ave from 154 to 170 St Reconstruction Acosta Tractors
W 16 Ave from 74 to 77 St Reconstruction Acosta Tractors
Tree Canopy Restoration
(Neat Steets)
Planting AC Perfect Tree Services, Inc.

Future Roadway & Stormwater Improvement Projects

  • West 76 Street from 20 to 24 Avenue - Reconstruction
  • Southeast 2 & 3 Place from 6 to 8 Avenue - Reconstruction
  • West 4 Ave Frontage Road from 29 to 49 St - Resurfacing and Sidewalk & Drainage Construction
  • Tree Canopy Resotoration Project

Report Issue / Problem

Please use the Report a Problem form to report a right-of-way issue within the City of Hialeah.