City Clerk

The City Clerk serves as the Corporate Secretary of the City, the Official Secretary of the legislative body and the Supervisor of Elections for Hialeah.

The Office of the City Clerk is also the corporate headquarters of the City and serves as the depository for all corporate contracts and records.

Primary Duties


  • Conducts municipal elections with the assistance of the Miami-Dade County Department of Elections
  • Ensures that lobbyists are registered with the Office of the City Clerk
  • Monitors compliance of city, county and state regulations pertaining to elections

City Council Secretary & Other Boards

  • Assists with city boards, including Historic Preservation Board and Cultural Affairs Council
  • Drafts board appointment letters and miscellaneous paperwork related to City boards
  • Furnishes City Council Members an agenda package that includes staff reports and memoranda and other information necessary to enable the City Council to make informed decisions on individual items
  • Gives notice of regular and special City Council meetings to the Mayor, its Members and the public
  • Issues monthly notice of regular and special City meetings
  • Keeps the minutes of the City Council proceedings, which constitute a public record
  • Prepares the agenda for City Council Meetings
  • Prepares city council summary agendas
  • Provides legal notices associated with the business being conducted at regular and special City Council meetings
  • Updates board list as necessary

Corporate Secretary

  • Acts as the custodian of public records of the City
  • Advertises bids and requests for proposals
  • Copies archived permit applications, permits, building plans and all related documents for the public and City departments
  • Corrects scrivener's errors that are discovered in ordinances, resolutions, council minutes and staff reports and promptly reports all corrections to the City Council
  • Prints, records and indexes ordinances, charter amendments and resolutions.
  • Processes the codification of the Hialeah Code Book
  • Processes legal notices for City departments
  • Processes public records requests
  • Publishes and oversees all statutorily mandated advertisement

Other Duties

  • Acts as the City's United Way Coordinator
  • Attests official City documents
  • Conducts lien searches, lien recordings and lien releases
  • Ensures that yearly Financial Disclosure Forms are completed
  • Performs such other duties as the Mayor may prescribe from time to time
  • Processes all outgoing mail (U.S. and interoffice)
  • Processes miscellaneous permits, including filming, carnivals, festivals, street closures and banners
  • Provides information and referrals to City residents
  • Provides printing, copying, cutting and binding services to all City departments
  • Records bonds
  • Responsible for sorting and distributing incoming mail (U.S. and interoffice)