Welcome to the Code Compliance Division

  1. Our Mission Statement

The Code Enforcement Division was established to provide quality of life and respect the rights of our citizens' property. This is accomplished by the enforcement of our rules and regulations. The fair and equitable enforcement and voluntary compliance of our codes and ordinances is our highest goal.

  1. Code Enforcement Inspectors and Staff

The staff is dedicated to serve the community and ensure that city codes are followed for the safety and welfare of the public. Code Enforcement consists of six Code Enforcement officers and three Community Enhancement Unit police officer (CEU). Each officer is assigned and is responsible for a specific geographical area within the City. Code Compliance Division collaborates with the Solid Waste Department, Streets Department, Building and License Divisions as well as Miami Dade County and other State Agencies to enforce municipal, county and state laws.

Our Code Enforcement officers respond to complaints and verify their validity. If the complaint is a valid one, the officer will issue a notice of violation. The notice of violation will specify the section of the code of ordinance that has been observed to be in violation and a date for compliance. Code Compliance staff and officers will be available to assist and inform how to resolve and cure the violation. Notices that are ignored will result in fines and ultimately the property may be lien (refer to Special Master Administrative Hearing). Residents must respond on a timely matter to any notice issued, sent by mail or posted by a Code Compliance officer or a CEU officer. Remember that any notice mailed or posted by the Code Compliance Division is an attempt to communicate with the residents or business owners of the City of Hialeah to resolve any violation that may exists. It is the intention of the Code Compliance Division to always assist, educate and obtain compliance for the good of the community.

In addition, Code Compliance can be contacted to find out if a property has existing code violations, pending fines and / or liens. A request for a complete search of a property history, known as a “Lien Search” can be obtain by submitting a request by mail or in person.