Plumber Affidavit

Plumber Affidavit

  1. Department of Public Works
    City of Hialeah, Florida

    Office: 305-556-3800
    Fax: 305-826-5039

    Leak Credit Consideration Under Extreme Circumstances Due to an Unknown Cause

  2. I hereby certify that I have checked the property (inside and out) for leaks (both concealed and visible); and cannot explain the higher consumption.


  3. Fill out and notarize the Plumber Affidavit, attach plumber's receipt and submit all documents to be considered for a leak credit. Please contact us via email, over the phone at 305-556-3800 and press 4 for customer service, or in person at 3700 W 4th Avenue, Miami, FL 33012 for more details.

  4. This Must Be Notarized
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