Hialeah Spotlight Crew

Are you someone who is passionate about Hialeah and love producing content, discovering new trends on social media, and are interested in finding new things to do in Hialeah?

We are excited to announce the Hialeah Spotlight Crew Program! If you love your city, especially our events, parks, arts & culture, retail and restaurants as much as we do, and want to represent, Hialeah, this program is ideal for you. Joining the Hialeah Spotlight Crew as a content creator is a fantastic opportunity for those looking to gain communications experience. It provides a platform to create diverse and impactful content, network as local influencers, and develop a strong professional portfolio. This experience will be an invaluable asset for your future career in communications.

Application Requirements

The ideal candidate for the Hialeah Spotlight Crew Program should have a strong sense of Hialeah pride, great interpersonal skills, excellent leadership qualities, and importantly be interested in social media.

  • Must be a Hialeah resident with an active, non-private Instagram account. 
  • Within the ages of 18-25, can be studying marketing or have interest in social media.
  • You must register using the form below and adhere to the rules listed below.
  • Express a desire to learn and be enthusiastic, responsible, dependable, mature, dedicated and punctual.
  • Committed to sharing and promoting Hialeah!
  • Program is expected to last until after the 2024 City of Hialeah Independence Day Celebration. 

If selected:

  • You will receive some Hialeah goodies, including our famous t-shirts!
  • Your photos may be featured on the city’s social channels and other online and print publications.
  • We will work together to create content “spotlighting” our city. 
  • Your Instagram profile will be highlighted on the city’s official Instagram feed for an introduction. 
  • You will have greater access during special events, openings, activities and more!
  • Post at least once a month during the duration of the program and at least once on your story. 
  • You will be contacted for an introductory meeting to go over program directives. 

If you're interested in being considered for the 2024 Hialeah Spotlight Crew, please fill out this form.