Retirement Department - About Us
The City of Hialeah has four different retirement systems.

These systems are:
  • Employee Retirement System (ERS)-a defined benefit pension plan
  • Deferred Contribution-a 457(b) plan
  • Defined Contribution Pension-a 401(k) plan
  • Elected Officials Retirement Trust-a defined benefit pension plan

The ERS was created by City Ordinance 874 and amended by city ordinances pertaining to this System. The ERS is governed by a Board of Trustees. There are seven trustees-one member appointed by the Mayor, one member appointed by the City Council, one member appointed from each group (Management, AFSCME Local , IAFF Local, and PBA), and one member elected from the membership by majority vote of the appointed trustees.

The Deferred Compensation retirement is a 457(b) plan. The 457(b) plan is for governmental and certain non-governmental employees who wish to contribute pre-tax dollars into an additional retirement account.

The Defined Contribution pension is a 401(k) plan. The account is named after the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) subsection 401(k) of the IRS Code. The 401(k) plan is for general employees excluded from the ERS hired on or after April 1, 2012. The ERS was closed to general employees by City Ordinance 12-27. Under the plan, retirement savings contributions are provided by the employee and matched by the employer.

Both the Deferred Compensation and Defined Contribution plans are administered and monitored by an Oversight Committee created by City Resolution 14-128. The Oversight Committee is comprised of seven members- four members nominated by the Mayor and one member nominated from each union (AFSCME, IAFF, and PBA).

The Elected Officials Retirement Trust was created by City Ordinance 98-79 and amended by city ordinances pertaining to this System. The Elected Officials Retirement Trust is governed by an Oversight Committee. There are three members-the City Clerk, the Finance Director, and one Council member. This trust was closed to new participants effective January 1, 2014.