Hialeah History Collection

The Hialeah History Collection at the Hialeah Public Libraries (HPL) collects, preserves, and provides access to research resources about the City of Hialeah and its history, from the times preceding its foundation to the present.

The Collection is housed at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Library and consists of primary and secondary source materials that can be accessed for study and research with the help of our dedicated Collection librarians. The Hialeah History Collection is a valuable resource for students, scholars, and anyone interested in learning about the history of the city and its people.

Our goals are to support research, teaching, and learning, encourage dialogue and informed understanding of Hialeah´s rich history, and engage our community in ways that foster pride and civic participation.

The Collection spans over 90 years and is comprised of books, periodicals, manuscripts, photographs, maps, and audiovisual resources. HPL plans to add digital resources soon as part of a digitization and oral history project that will make existing physical resources accessible online as well as capture and preserve personal stories for generations to come.

Everyone can be a contributor. We welcome and encourage donations of books, documents, photographs, personal and corporate libraries and archives. Gifts from individuals, foundations, and corporations will contribute to the growth of our Collection and the success of our programs, including exhibitions and events.

Examples of materials in the collection:

Original photographs:
  • James Bright, one of the city's founders
  • Glenn Curtiss' house
  • Harry Ewing
  • First building, 1920.
  • Curtiss-Bright ranch and railroad tracks, 1920.
  • Hialeah Cash Store and auto pump, 1921.
  • City advertisement, 1921.
  • Greyhound track opening, 1921.
  • Curtiss-Bright real estate publicity flyer, 1921.
  • Triangle Park, 1921.
  • Curtiss aviation field, 1921.
  • Hialeah Drug Store, 1922.
  • Aerial view of Hialeah, 1923.
  • Auto race at Curtiss field, 1924.
  • Dog track after hurricane of 1926.
  • Jai Alai Fronton after hurricane of 1926.
  • Lua Curtiss' house after hurricane of 1947.
Original Documents / Manuscripts:
  • Deed of land, May 28, 1910.
  • Hialeah city advertisement in Miami Daily Metropolis, 1921.
  • Original document of incorporation of the Hialeah Chamber of Commerce, 1925, with signatures.
  • Hialeah Racetrack original postcards and publicity brochures.
  • Letter to Hialeah property owners from Curtiss-Bright Co., 1926.
  • Hialeah poster, 1926.
  • Letter of acceptance of official appointment and sworn in office of judge Martin Whelan, 1931.
  • Hialeah traffic codes, 1931.
  • Rawlings Grocery Digest, 1931.
  • Hialeah Park official program, 1944.
  • History of the Woman's Club of Hialeah, 1960.
  • Henry Milander political campaign bumper sticker, 1971.
  • City of Hialeah's 50th Anniversary poster, 1975.
  • Original sheet music of "Hialeah song" composed by Harry Ewing in 1935.
  • Curtiss-Bright Cities, by Seth Bramson
  • Memoria / Memories 1925-2000, 2000.
  • City of Hialeah's 75th Anniversary, 2000.
Periodical publications:
  • The Dade County Courier
  • Hialeah High Sports
  • Hialeah News
  • Hialeah Times
  • Hialeah-Miami Springs Journal
  • Hialeah-Miami Springs News
  • Imagen Hialeah
  • El Semanal de Hialeah
  • El Sol de Hialeah

Digital Collections:

Hialeah History (Under Construction)

Latino Americans in Hialeah
A digital collection made possible through a Latino Americans: 500 Years of History grant from
and .

Please call (305) 821-2700 and ask to speak with Ms. Sandra López for more information or contributions to our Collection.