Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding our libraries:

  1. How old must I be to obtain a library card?
    You can obtain your library card at any time. However, if you are under 16 years of age, you must apply with your parent or legal guardian and they must have the required documents.
  2. What happens if I lose my library card?
    Please report a lost card to the Library’s Circulation Desk as soon as possible. You will need to present photo identification in order for a new card to be issued. Replacement cards are subject to a charge of $2.00.
  3. Why am I limited two materials of a specific subject or type?
    The Hialeah Library Division serves a patron base of more than 82,319. Due to heavy demand for materials, patrons are limited to two books on the same subject, author, or two of the same type of materials. For example, you may take out only two videos at one time, or two books on fly fishing in Florida.
  4. May I borrow books with my spouse’s or other family member’s library card?
    Cards are issued to patrons on an individual basis and use is limited to the cardholder. Parents are permitted to check out books on their child’s card, as they are responsible for materials borrowed.
  5. Do you have the books on my child’s reading list?
    Most often, the librarians first see school reading lists when children and their parents arrive at the Library to look for the books. To verify if the library has the titles on the list, please search the online catalog.
  6. Is there a quiet place where I can study at the JFK Library?
    It is every staff members’ wish to provide a scholarly and peaceful environment at the JFK Library. However, certain architectural restrictions make this goal difficult to sustain. The second floor offers study carrels and tables away from high use areas. Patrons engaged in-group works are encouraged to use the auditorium when available.
  7. Is there a time limit for use of the computers?
    Yes. Computer use is subject to availability and restrictions at library locations.
  8. Do you have color printers?
    Yes. Color Printing is available at all branch libraries for $0.50 per page.
  9. Why can’t I eat or drink while I’m studying in the Library?
    The Library tries to safeguard its holdings by limiting damage to its materials. While eating or drinking (even bottled water), accidents may occur to materials of our circulating and reference collections. Also, crumbs and sugars from drinks attract pest infestations, which, in turn, cause irreparable damage to the collection.