Social Services

 Community Development Block Grant

A major funding source for the City of Hialeah is the Community Development Block Grant Program. This Federal Housing and Urban Development grant has the primary objective to expand the supply of decent, safe, sanitary, and affordable housing, as well as for the creation of programs geared to assist low and moderate income families and individuals, augmenting and fostering economic growth. Throughout this program, the City has been able to create and strengthen linkages between all levels of government, the private sector, other non-profit and for-profit agencies and organizations, thus maximizing existing resources.

Residential Rehabilitation Program

The State of Florida provides funds to carry out a home improvement program. This assistance is limited to eligible homeowners and is based on income. At least 30% of the beneficiaries who receive assistance must have incomes at 50% of the median or less. The remaining households must have incomes 80% of the median or less. The maximum loan award is $50,000.00 and is deferred over a period of ten years.

Emergency Grant Program
Funds are utilized to assist homeowners whose homes are in need of emergency repairs such as roofing, plumbing, and electrical repairs. To be eligible, households must meet eligible income criteria. The maximum award for this program is $10,000.00.

Reconstruction Assistance Program
Eligible homeowners may receive a deferred payment loan to demolish and rebuild their home on the existing lot. The home must be declared unsafe and suitable for demolition by a City inspector. To be eligible households must have incomes that meet the program requirements. The maximum award is $100,000.00. Loans must be paid in full at the time of rent or sale of the property.

Hialeah Technology Center
The Hialeah Technology Center works toward a new industrial environment based upon technology development, training and education as well as product and manufacturing development. The center, located at 601 West 20 Street, Hialeah, Florida, has become a magnet drawing new businesses and ultimately, creating new jobs. It has also fostered active participation in developments in engineering and technology with partner universities and participating industry. The City looks forward to even more promising activities as the center is developing several new existing initiatives in the bio-medical and actuator/sensor fields.

For more information: 305-925-1260 or http:/www.hiatec.org

University of Florida College of Dentistry-Hialeah Center
This facility located at 740-750 East 25th Street, Hialeah Florida, currently used as a training and teaching facility in connection with the operation of a dental school/clinic under the auspices of the University of Florida. The project is a joint cooperative effort among state government, local government, academia, and the private sector for the mutual benefit and the betterment of the community. Foreign and local dentistry students are trained locally and supervised by the University of Florida, thus not having to relocate out of the area. The project additionally serves low-to-moderate-income residents by providing reduced cost dental care and treatment

For information and/or services: 305-694-5400

Homeless Prevention
Utilizing a combination of resources the City has a program designed to assist families and individuals that are faced or are in the verge of homelessness. Since its inception back in 1987, the City has provided emergency shelter, case management, supportive services, one time utility payment assistance, rental assistance, legal services, food vouchers, household goods, etc., in an effort to assist homeless families and individuals to overcome their crisis and ultimately, attain self-sufficiency.

For information, please contact: 305-863-8320.