About Us

Welcome to the City of Hialeah, Department of Grants and Human Services section.

The Department of Grants and Human Services is responsible for acquiring grants and implementing activities funded through federal, state, and other local sources. The Department is responsible for the administration of all federal, state and local grant programs as well as financial and programmatic management, grants acquisition, federal procurement, and contract administration.

We oversee activities, which include Economic Development, Community Development, Housing, Disaster Assistance (FEMA) , Employment and Training, and Special Projects. These programs provide for improved quality of life for our residents and our neighborhoods. Virtually, every resident of the City has at one time or another benefited from these activities. Whether it is the newly paved street you travel on, the revitalized commercial and industrial areas you work or travel through, the park where your children play, police and fire services that you call upon, your neighbor's newly renovated house or owning a home for the first time, these are but a few of the ways we try to improve your community which is our ultimate goal.

Annette Quintana