·  I have flooding in my swale area and driveway approach? Can I pave the area?
No, the swale area is the first line of defense against flooding. Water is intended to be in this area. Paving compounds the flooding condition.

·  Will the city trim the trees in my swale area?
The city only trims trees when they are creating an unsafe condition for the public or damaging underground utilities, in which case this must be documented by the utility. Routine maintenance trimming for appearance is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner.

·  Can I restrict parking in my swale area?
Only by planting trees or other landscape materials that do not obstruct traffic/signage visibility.
·  Whose responsible to maintain driveway approaches between the street and private property?
Driveway approaches serve the private property owners, regardless of the property use. (i.e., residential, commercial, industrial, etc.) The individual owners are responsible to maintain these approaches.
·  Who is responsible to replace missing signs or install new ones?
Miami-Dade County is responsible for all traffic control devices. This includes stop signs, traffic lights, speed limit signs, no parking, school zone, etc.

·  What is the Stormwater Utility?
The Stormwater Utility was established in accordance with Miami-Dade County Ordinance 91-66. That ordinance required all municipalities in the county to establish stormwater management programs of their own or to be included in the county's utility in response to Federal and State requirements. The Utility funds, designs and constructs, operates, and maintains all City-owned stormwater drainage facilities in the public right-of-way.

·  What is the Stormwater Utility Fee and why do I have to pay it?
The Stormwater Utility Fee pays the cost of operating, maintaining, and constructing stormwater infrastructure. Under City Ordinance, all developed properties within the City's municipal boundaries are required to pay this fee. No developed properties are exempted from it.

·  What is the Stormwater Utility Fee based upon?
Residential properties pay the fee per dwelling unit per month. Nonresidential properties pay at a rate of $2.50 per 1664 square feet of impervious area per month. Impervious area is typically the building floor print on the ground and paved parking lot.

·  What happens if I refuse to pay the Fee?
Since the Stormwater Fee is billed as part of the Water and Sewer bill, nonpayment of any portion of that bill can result in water service being disconnect from the property receiving the bill. This can be done in accordance with Florida Statutes.

·  How can I get the storm drain in my street cleaned?
Call the Streets Department at (305) 687-2611. The City has ongoing storm drain cleaning program to address both routine maintenance and emergency needs.

·  I want to reconstruct the sidewalk and/or approach in front of my house without changing any of the dimensions.  Do I need to obtain a permit?
Yes, all construction work needs to be reviewed and inspected to assure it complies with current construction standards.  Call the Streets Department Engineering Division for information on how to obtain permits at (305) 687-2611.