Education and Community Services in Hialeah

The Department of Education and Community Services (ECS) of the City of Hialeah promotes lifelong learning, an informed citizenry, literacy, an enhanced quality of life, and broadened horizons for all residents of Hialeah through our libraries, adult centers, after-school programs, summer and holiday camps, and our Special Population Center for adults with disabilities. The ECS department encompasses after-school and camp programs, a city-wide literacy initiative Hialeah Reads!, four adult centers, a therapeutic recreation center, Hialeah’s Public Library System, including one Main and five branch libraries.

The City has a long history of providing these services; all of which are of an excellent quality and are in very high demand.  Additionally, with support from the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida Foundation’s Embrace a Healthy Florida statewide initiative, the City of Hialeah, through ECS, has initiated Hialeah Healthy Families, a movement to reduce obesity in children.