Code Compliance Mission

Code Compliance is a division of City of Hialeah Community Development Department. Our mission is to provide the highest quality public service and to enforce the codes of the city in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of the community, and, where violations occur, to work with our citizens to achieve compliance through an efficient and fair process.

The importance of Code Compliance

The City of Hialeah is committed to working with citizens in a joint effort to preserve and improve our community. We share your desire to maintain the quality of life throughout your neighborhood. 

To ensure a tranquil neighborhood, community standards have been established to determine the proper maintenance of properties and neighborhoods. Community standards are reflected in the City of Hialeah code of ordinances. Maintaining and enhancing our neighborhoods is also important because it protects the property value of your home.

The staff of Code Compliance Officers work to investigate complaints of property violations. If a violation is noted, our Officers work with the property owners and tenants to correct any violations and bring the property into compliance with City codes. 

In other words, code compliance is for the common good. These rules and regulations have been enacted by the city to help ensure attractive neighborhoods, vibrant businesses, and a peaceful and enjoyable community for everyone.

Our staff is eager to assist, inform and guide our residents to better understand city codes. 
Code Compliance Division is located at 501 Palm Avenue Hialeah and our offices are open from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm or you may contact us by phone at (305) 883-5832.