Student Fire Safety

If your clothes are on fire you need to stop, drop and roll.

Do you know what to do if you are asleep and wake up and smell smoke?

First you roll out of bed and crawlon your hands and knees to your bedroom door. The reason that you crawl is so that your head is not up in the smoke where there are poisons that can make you unconscious or even kill you.

If your door is closed, you touch the door with the back of your hands. If the door is HOT it means that there is fire on the other side. Don't open the door because the fire will come in the room with you.  Instead crawlto a window and escape that way.  If you live on the second floor or higher, put your head out of the window and scream FIRE!! until someone comes to help you.

If the door is not hot, then crawl out the front door and run to a neighbor’s house and wake them up so that they can help you.

Never hide from a fire in a closet or toy box or under the bed.  If a firefighter has to find you he/she won't be able to see you.

Once you get out of the house, STAY OUT.  Never go back into a burning house, it can cost you your life.

Make sure that your family has a meeting place outside the house.  It can be a tree in your yard or it can be a neighbor’s door.  If everyone goes to the meeting place, you can be sure that everybody got out of the house OK.  If somebody is still in the house you can tell the firefighters when they arrive.

If you or your clothes ever catch on fire, STOP, DROP, and ROLL!  Remember to cover your face.

Remember, never ever play with matches or gasoline.  You can HURT yourself or somebody in your family very badly.

Fire Prevention is everybody's responsibility, LEARN NOT TO BURN!!

For Emergencies, dial 9-1-1.

For further assistance, please call (305) 883-6900.