Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the JFK Library. Below please find application instructions and program requirements. Please also note the section that applies to all volunteer categories.

High School Students:

  1. High School students usually serve as much as 75 hours of community service as a requirement for graduation.
  2. Students must submit a completed School’s Activity Log Sheet (must contain the parent’s, student’s, teacher’s and community designee/librarian signatures), any additional school forms, and Notarized Volunteer Application.
  3. Students must be 18 years old or over. (16-YEAR OLDS MAY APPLY ONLY WITH PARENTAL PERMISSION; use Notarized Volunteer Application for Minors form).

Court Mandated Volunteers:

  1. Minor felons have varied court ordered hours they need to complete, and can require as much as 65 to 100 hours. Only minor traffic violations and DUI are accepted. Theft and violent altercation are not accepted. Juvenile offenses are not accepted in the Library and are referred for consideration to the Early Prevention Program in Parks and Recreation at (305) 824-5703.
  2. Court Mandated Volunteers files should contain: Advocate form (copy) includes the charge and Notarized Volunteer Application.

Community Based Volunteers:

  1. All other volunteers must attach a letter to the Library Director stating why they want to volunteer and their level of commitment as well as the Notarized Volunteer Application.

All Volunteers:

  1. Volunteers must commit to give at least 30 hours of volunteer work. Those seeking less do not qualify.
  2. All completed paperwork is submitted in person to the Library Volunteer Coordinator at the JFK Library, 190 West 49th Street, (305) 821-2700. Approval process usually takes 2-3 weeks.
  3. Volunteers will be called by the Library Volunteer Coordinator to setup a Dewey Easy orientation and tour as well as a work schedule.
  4. Once volunteers have completed their hours, they receive a letter from the Library stating the number of volunteer hours completed.
pdf Notarized Volunteer Application Form (146 KB)

pdf Notarized Volunteer Application for Minors Form (159 KB)