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Department Questionnaire & Traffic Log Analysis


  1. 1. Current Content Process
  2. 2. Call/Traffic Log Analysis
  • Current Content Process

    1. Purpose:
      This questionnaire is valuable to the consulting process as it sets the stage for the content review and migration. Insights gained here will be merged with analytics and other data to inform the site architecture. The questions:
      • Allow each department to prepare for the conversations that will take place about their pages during the consulting process. A prepared team will gain more out of consulting than an unprepared team.
      • Provide insight into each department’s understanding about their users, the way the users access content and the type of content that should be displayed.
      • Prompt the departments to stretch their thought process about the content on their website and potentially challenge the, “why” behind some of the content, processes and information architecture.
      • Analyze real-time data of calls and foot traffic requesting information that may or may not be on the website.
    2. How often is your content updated?
    3. Who are your top 3 audiences?*
    4. What are the top 3 to 5 services you provide your audience(s)?
    5. Do you have a software or online service for any of the following:
    6. Do you currently use, or plan to use, Social Media?
    7. Do you have email lists for communicating a newsletter, events, registrations or other such communications?