If I have a home-based business, do I need to pay a Business Tax Receipt?

Yes, the city issues home-based business tax receipts; however, it is for limited business types. Please see the following:

  • No more than one home office shall be permitted within a residence

  • No customer or client visitation or business traffic to and from the residence is permitted, except for delivery of office supplies and repair or installation of office equipment.

  • No signs or other forms of commercial advertisement outside the residence are permitted

  • Real estate brokers may provide an interior sign on the entrance of the door of the home office as provided Fla. Admin. Code R.61J2-10.024 as amended from time to time

  • The applicant must reside at the residence where they are applying from

  • The home office packet must be completed, along with a notarized written statement specify all activities of the business and must be taken to the Zoning Department for approval.

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