Garage Sale

Garage / Yard Sales

Garage Sale sign

Garage or yard sales consist of the sale of used or old personal effects, clothing, furnishings, objects, furniture, books, appliances or similar items of the property owner or occupant that were not purchased or obtained for resale. Such sales will be permitted only in residential zoning districts on the premises of the property owner or occupant whose used or old personal effects are being sold or offered for sale and only for a limited duration of no more than two weekends during the calendar year.

You may only conduct at this location a garage or yard sale on two weekends during each calendar year. You must obtain a city permit for each weekend sale. The sale may be advertised by signs: the sign face shall be no more than 2 feet in height and the maximum area no more than 4 feet (2’ x 2’). Signs shall be located on the property where the sale is to be conducted and only one (1) sign per lot or one (1) per frontage on each right-of-way.