Lien Search

When fines, fees or charges remain unpaid by property owners, the City of Hialeah can exercise its legal right to place a lien against an owner’s property to ensure the eventual collection of an unpaid amount. Interested parties, such as title companies and individuals, can request the City of Hialeah to check its records for outstanding liens against a property.The City of Hialeah, through the Office of the City Clerk, shall offer research services of real property within the limits of the City that is limited to violations of several regulatory codes enforced by the City, including unsafe structures and open or expired building permits, unpaid water, sewer or solid waste services and liens recorded as a result of the City’s enforcement actions.
  • FEES:
  • The cost of the service of violations and lien research is $375.00.
  • The cost for the service of research of each additional tax identification number or folio number assigned to the same property address is $50.00.
  • The cost for a pay-off or estoppel letter for all liens per property address is $75.00.
  • The cost for a partial release for each lien released is $500.00.
In order to request a lien search, use the Violations and Lien Research Request Form.
In order to request a pay-off or estoppel letter, use the Lien Pay-Off Request Form.