Permit Requirements

Fill out, sign & notarize the Permit application and owner affidavits. When the Permit application is for a CONDOMINIUM, the Association Authorization Letter is required with the president’s signature notarized.

When applying as Owner-Builder permit on residential, the owner must reside at the property where the improvements are proposed. Owner/Builder must bring valid State of Florida Drivers License with same address. In some cases a warranty deed will be required & homestead exemption. If a name change has been done due to marriage or divorce, legal documentation will be required.

On commercial properties, an original, signed & notarized authorization letter is required from the owner or corporation president when the tenant is applying for a permit. Tenant can improve property subject to when the area is no more than 500 sq. ft. and/or less than $5000 in value and it is non-structural, otherwise a licensed contractor is required. When the job value is $2,500 or more, a “NOTICE OF COMMENCEMENT” will have to be filed by Miami-Dade County 

Recorder Office and should be at the job site for the first inspection. Once a permit is issued, the contractor or owner/builder is responsible for requesting all required inspections. Permit will expire 6 months after the last APPROVED inspection date.

  1. General Requirements