1. General Permits Requirements

Fill out, sign & notarize the Permit application and owner affidavits. When the Permit application is for a CONDOMINIUM, the Association Authorization Letter is required with the president’s signature notarized.

When applying as Owner-Builder permit on residential, the owner must reside at the property where the improvements are proposed. Owner/Builder must bring valid State of Florida Drivers License with same address. In some cases a warranty deed will be required & homestead exemption. If a name change has been done due to marriage or divorce, legal documentation will be required.

On commercial properties, an original, signed & notarized authorization letter is required from the owner or corporation president when the tenant is applying for a permit. Tenant can improve property subject to when the area is no more than 500 sq. ft. and/or less than $5000 in value and it is non-structural, otherwise a licensed contractor is required.
When the job value is $2,500 or more, a “NOTICE OF COMMENCEMENT” will have to be filed by Miami-Dade County 

Recorder Office and should be at the job site for the first inspection.
Once a permit is issued, the contractor or owner/builder is responsible for requesting all required inspections. Permit will expire 6 months after the last APPROVED inspection date.

40 YEAR AND 10 YEAR RE-CERTIFICATION: Submit 1 Electrical and 1 Structural report signed and sealed by a certified engineer or architect.

ALUMINUM ROOF / CANVAS / AWNING PERMITS: Must submit 2 updated surveys, 2 copies of the specifications, 2 copies of the Product Approvals (NOA), and 2 copies of a floor plan with dimensions. (FOR CONDOMINIUMS- MUST BRING LETTER OF APPROVAL FROM THE ASSOCIATION.) Need sample of material (swatch) when canvas or tent.
CONCRETE SLAB & WALKWAY PERMITS: Submit 2 updated surveys, must indicate on both survey copies the size & location of proposed slabs and/or walkways and concrete specifications.

DEMOLITION: Must submit 2 updated surveys/2 site plans specifying the size of the buildings to be demolished. Bring 2 copies of the approval letters front the utility companies (Water/Sewer, cable companies, bell-south, FPL, City Gas).

DEMOLITION ON COMMERCIAL PROPERTY OR A MULTI-FAMILY OF 5 UNITS OR MORE: Must submit 2 updated surveys/2 site plans specifying the size of the buildings to be demolished. Provide clearance of asbestos letter and DERM approval. Bring 2 copies of the approval letters front the utility companies (Water/Sewer, cable companies, bell-south, FPL, City Gas). A plumbing permit may be required for sewer cap.

DRIVEWAY PERMITS: Bring 2 copies of updated survey (indicating size, location, & specifying type of driveway). For approach permit; go to the street depart. 900 E 56 ST. Must take updated survey to the street department to be stamped.

DUMPSTER ENCLOSURES: Must submit 2 updated survey and 2 copies of plans.

FENCE PERMITS: (WOOD FENCE, CHAIN LINK FENCE, IRON FENCE, CONCRETE FENCE, & BOLLARDS): Submit 2 updated surveys & submit 2 copies of fence plan. If the fence is to be located on a utility easement, you must bring 2 copies of the approval letter from the utilities companies and water/sewer.

PAVING / PARKING LOT / RESURFACING / RE-STRIPPING: CONTRACTOR ONLY. Bring 2 copies of updated survey and site plan.

POOLS: Must submit 2 updated surveys and 2 copies of plans.

REPAIR PERMITS: Must submit 2 sketches if required. Fill out repair list. If fire or structural damage; bring insurance claim report and also report from architect/engineer, if applicable.

RESIDENTIAL ADDITION PERMITS /ALTERATION: Must submit 2 updated surveys & submit 2 copies of plans to legalize a structure that was done without permit.

ROOF: Must submit 2 copies of high-velocity hurricane zones uniform permit application and required NOA’s fee sheet, and copy of the contract between owner and contractor. VIOLATIONS: Need to submit along with permit package, an engineer certification for concealed roofing work.

SHED PERMITS: Must submit 2 updated surveys, 2 copies of product approvals from the state of Florida or Miami Dade County. The proposed shed must be indicated on a site plan corresponding size and setbacks.

SHUTTER PERMITS: Must submit 2 copies of the product approvals, 2 copies of design win pressures and 2 copies of shutter product approval authorization form letter from the manufacturer.

SIGN PERMIT: BY CONTRSCTOR ONLY. Submit 2 copies of site plan, 2 copies of drawings specifying size of sign, size of the building façade to scale showing location of proposed signs, 2 photos and sign affidavits.

TEMPORARY CONSTRUCTION TRAILERS (MIN. $500 FOR 6 MONTHS): Must submit tie down specifications, survey and the site plan indicating location and setbacks. Also, department of community affairs approval for pre-manufactured trailer.

TEMPORARY TENTS: Submit 2 site plans or surveys, fire retardant certificate, need sample of material (swatch). If electrical is involved the permit must be by a contractor. Prior to submitting application to building division, approval from the city clerk is required, city council and reviewed by the zoning division. (Only fireworks tent do not require city clerk approval)

TRUSSES & SHOP DRAWINGS: Must submit 2 copies of the product approvals or shop drawings. The shop drawings must accompany the approved master plans.

WINDOW & DOOR REPLACEMENT PERMITS: Must submit 2 copies of the product approvals, wind pressures (for commercial only) and floor plan/layout with all rooms and spaces labeled. For sub-permits, the product approvals must accompany the approved master plans.

***UPDATED SURVEY = Map with comprehensive view determining boundaries, areas & elevations done by a professional land surveyor no older than 6 months.

Requisitos Para los Permisos 

  1. Permits By Owner
  1. Proof of ownership (recorded warranty deed).
  2. The permit application and affidavit must be signed and notarized.
  3. Two sets of plans are required for all permits.
  4. The owner must prove to the Building Official that he has the knowledge and ability to do the work. 
  5. An owner may apply for a permit, supervise and do the work in connection with the construction, maintenance, repair, alteration, and addition to a single-family or duplex residence for his own use and occupancy and not intended for sale.
  1. Permit Extensions

An application for a permit for any proposed work shall be deemed to have been abandoned 180 days after the date of filing, unless such application has been pursued in good faith or a permit has been issued; except that the building official is authorized to grant one or more extensions of time for additional periods not exceeding 90 days each. The extension shall be requested in writing and justifiable cause demonstrated.

  1. Permits Renewals

A permit is valid as long as work begins within 180 days from the date issued and continues in a substantial manner until completion of the job. A permit will expire if work does not start within 180 days or does not have a passed inspections. If your permit expires you must apply for a new one by submitting a permit application and pay all applicable fees.