Commission on Status of Women


The commission on the status of women shall establish the date, time and place of its meetings.


The commission on the status of women shall consist of eight members. Each councilmember and the mayor shall select a member. Members shall serve without compensation. Members shall serve for a term of two years.

About the Commission

The enumerated powers and duties of the commission on the status of women are to:

  1. Report, recommend and advise the city council on significant and pertinent matters relating to or affecting the status of women within the city, including but not limited to discrimination, employment and education of women; attitudes towards women; and establishment of day care centers.
  2. Study and assess existing municipal institutions, facilities and programs as they relate to or affect the status of women in the community and recommend solutions or suggest methods or programs to improve the status of women in the community.
  3. Increase public awareness of problems that affect or relate to the status of women at home, in the workplace and in general.
  4. Represent the city and its interests in any county, state or national initiatives, programs, boards or committees concerning the status of women.