Crime Scene Investigations

About the Unit

The Crime Scene and Identification Unit of the Hialeah Police Department provides support services in the form of crime scene processing, fingerprint identification and forensic imaging to the various department entities within the City of Hialeah, with our main goal and objective being the collection, preservation, packaging, transportation and documentation of physical evidence discovered at the different types of crime scenes. Most police investigations commence at the crime scene and this is the importance of a detailed, methodical, patient, technical and professional work of a Crime Scene Technician, but, their responsibilities do not end there, they continue through the necessary technical and scientific process to identify an unknown subject leading to the apprehension and conviction in a court of law. A great investigator-technician allows their work to speak for them.

Our Staff

The Crime Scene and Identification Unit is comprised of civilian employees, employing a total of 10 Crime Scene Technicians, 1 Unit Supervisor, 2 latent examiners and 1 photo lab technician. The Unit is on call to support the Criminal Investigation process in 24 hours, 7 days a week basis throughout the year. Much of the work performed for these technicians is critical in determining the guilt or innocence of the individuals under investigation.

The unit has the necessary equipment to process the different types of scenes that required our presence and is in constant upgrade depending in the advance and development of new techniques in the forensic filed.

Our growing City is considered the sixth in population on the State of Florida, been a great responsibility for the Unit to fulfill all the requirements of a City with more than 220,000 physical residents. As an average in the last 5 years, the technicians responded to more than 5,500 calls for services every year.

Latent Examiners

Our latent examiner section with 2 civilian experienced latent examiners, who examine latent prints from crime scenes and attempt to match them to the known criminal database using the Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), top of the line program allowing the search to be realized locally in the Metro-Dade area and Statewide through the FDLE database. Multiples high profile cases had been solved thanks to the high quality, professionalism and experience of our latent examiners.

Our members frequently operates in extremely harsh situations and are often exposed to very gruesome crime scenes, in occasions the work is quite strenuous and the technicians must be mentally and physically capable of overcoming the stress that is part of the profession, but we are extremely proud of our work performed and to assist in the support in the investigation of our police department, with our final and principal goal of help the community of the City of Hialeah.