Public Information Office

About the Public Information Office

The Public Information Office, is the liaison between the Hialeah Police Department and the community. The Public Information Office is responsible for carrying out the Chief of Police’s directives to help the residents of the City of Hialeah understand the mission of the Hialeah Police Department. The mission is to provide the residents with relevant information about the Police Department which is constantly evolving. The office is run by the Executive Assistant to the Chief of Police, Lieutenant Eddie Rodriguez. The purpose of this Public Information Office is to inform the community of police related events and the accomplishments of the department. Many residents call the Office of the Chief to express their needs and concerns on a daily basis. Subsequently, the members of the Public Information Office are readily available to provide guidance. The Public Information Office acts in the best interest of the department and the residents & visitors of the City of Hialeah.  

Media Inquiries & Requests

Media inquiries and requests are handled as expeditiously as possible, during normal business hours of Monday through Friday, 9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. 

After Hours & Weekends

After hours and on weekends, the Public Information Office is on-call for emergencies and significant breaking news events.

Hialeah Police Department Patch
1983 - Cecil Seay - Police Chief Sitting at Desk Smiling Press Photo