Vendor Registration

New Vendors

For brand new vendors who have never worked with the City of Hialeah please download the Vendor Application Form (PDF).

First Point of Contact

The city operates a centralized Procurement Division and we ask that when calling on the city, you make procurement division your first point of contact. We will arrange contacts for you with various departments when appropriate. Unauthorized visits to individual departments are discouraged and may be counterproductive.


Though not required, appointments are preferred and will help you to complete your business with a minimum of lost opportunity. We suggest that initial visits be somewhat general, giving us an introduction to you and your product lines. Subsequent visits are ideal opportunities to explain in detail a single item or service that you provide. Line cards, catalogs, and price lists are always helpful.

Vendor / Bidders List

The Procurement Division maintains a list of prospective vendors and bidders classified by commodity or service. You may be placed on this list by completing the city's vendor application and commodity listing detailing the items or services that you provide. To assure that you are included under all of the appropriate categories, we ask that you be specific about the items or services that you provide.

Existing Vendors

If you have registered with Hialeah in the past but have moved location or have a name change download the Vendor Update Form (PDF).

Vendor Forms

Vendor Application

Vendor Update Form