Bid Guideline

Competitive Bidding Required

All contracts for public improvements and purchases of supplies, materials or services, including design-build and design-build-operate contracts, requiring council approval, shall be awarded to the lowest responsible and responsive bidder after competitive bidding and advertisement or to the responsive offer or whose proposal is determined to provide the best value to the city considering the relative importance of price and other evaluation factors included in the request for proposals. For contracts for public improvement and purchases of supplies, materials or services that do not require council approval, the mayor or the purchasing agent, at the request of the mayor, shall provide a minimum of three price quotations in the absence of competitive bidding and advertisement prior to contract or purchase.

Exceptions to Bid

In addition to the monetary threshold provided in section 2 to 812, competitive bidding is excepted for professional services in the nature of consultants, accountants and attorneys; sole source providers; emergencies based on objective facts; and credit facilities.

Competitive Sealed Bidding Procedure

Bids shall be issued by the Purchasing Division advertised in a local newspaper and City website. The invitation shall contain a detailed description of the items or contractual services sought and the deadline to submit all bids, to the procurement of the items or services. Opening of the bids shall be administered through the City Clerk's Office.

Competitive Proposal Procedure

The Procurement representative from requesting department shall seek competitive proposals from at least three different sources of supply using the specifications on the order form submitted by the departments. The vendor with the lowest bid shall be awarded the contract, unless it is determined to be a low-ball, at which time the City will exercise its rights to reject the bid and select another one.

Other Governmental Agencies' Formal Bidding Procedure

Bids received by other governmental agencies on similar items or services that the City is acquiring may be used if the agency follows similar competitive bidding procedures set forth by the City.

Right to Reject

The city reserves the right to reject any and all responses received on solicited bids.