About Us

Departmental Overview

Our City is divided into five sectors, covering over 80,000 properties and over 230,000 residents. 

The sectors and the inspectors assigned to each corresponding area can be seen here.

Our in-office staff is always available to assist with any questions or concerns. Code officers are also available in person between 7:30 AM and 8:30 AM or by appointment.

Code Compliance officers may issue a Notice of Violation (NOV) if the property is found in violation of a City Ordinance enforced by our Department or if in violation of Florida Building Code (FBC) 105.1. NOVs require both due process and reasonable time to comply. NOVs may be appealed through the Special Magistrate hearing - a quasi-judicial process presided by an independent, unbiased party. If unappealed and the property is not brought into compliance timely, the Code Officer can refer the case to the Special Magistrate hearing. When a case is found to be in violation, a retroactive per diem fine can be imposed, and a subsequent lien may be assessed on the property if it continues to be in violation past the allotted time. Once a lien is assessed, it can only be removed once the property comes into compliance and the lien has been paid. Property owners may appear before the Special Magistrate to request a lien mitigation.