Emergency Management

It is a priority of the City of Hialeah to protect the lives, property, and the environment of our community.

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) works with all our internal departments and community to ensure that everyone is ready to respond to and recover from a natural or man-made emergency. OEM is responsible for the coordination of Hialeah’s emergency planning, response and recovery, which is accomplished through several training opportunities available monthly throughout our region.

Approaches to Disaster Response

The City of Hialeah follows the National All-Hazards approach to major disasters while implementing the National Incident Management System (NIMS). This enables responders to use the Incident Command System (ICS) approach to major emergencies and disasters.

During a Major Event

During major events, the Emergency Operations Center is a central point for information coordination, resource requests, policy implementation and decision making. During this process we work with the finest full service departments who collaboratively provide a process with the community's best interest and quality of life issues to be restored as soon as possible.

Partnerships & Personnel

OEM works with government agencies and non-profit and private sector partners to lead logistics planning, preparedness, response and recovery efforts, ensuring the right resources are acquired and delivered to the right place at the right time. 

To accomplish this mission, OEM maintains a disciplined unit of emergency management personnel, including responders, planners, watch commanders, administrative staff, and support staff to identify, as well as respond to various hazards.

Continuous Monitoring

OEM monitors local conditions on a daily basis, and briefs leaders in our city, as well as other community leaders on potential or actual incidents when the need arises. Some examples of local daily conditions include hurricanes, severe weather, homeland security issues and public health alerts when issued.