City Mayor

Letter to Residents of Hialeah

Dear Residents,

The City of Hialeah is proud to be home to hard-working families striving each day for their American Dream. It’s a City of multi-generational families that takes pride in its cultural identity, entrepreneurial spirit fuel by small businesses, values our youth and reveres the older generation that retires in our city because of its quality programs for our seniors. 

I strongly believe that as true partners with our residents and local businesses, we will propel the City of Hialeah into a new era of greater prosperity that will encourage the younger generation to remain in our city and attract new talent and opportunities that will ultimately contribute to a better quality of life for all.

 As the City’s new Mayor, I’m committed to making our neighborhoods safe so we remain one of the safest cities in Florida. Along with the City Council, we’ll be working on infrastructure projects to improve our roadways and alleviate congestion as well as provide more efficient public transportation. I will be looking to modernize municipal functions with the aid of the latest technology. We can streamline services to both improve their quality and alleviate the economic impact burden on our residents. Lastly, I look forward to simplifying the City’s permitting process to make certain that a business that wants to open-up in Hialeah is able to do so in an expedited manner. I will be hosting monthly town halls with the directions of our departments to facilitate the process for our residents.

Hialeah is proud of its cultural diversity and recreational programs. The City continues to develop programs for families that are entertaining and enriching. I encourage you to learn more about the array of programs and events our City offers. 

I have no doubt that Hialeah will continue to prosper as long as we are engaged with our residents for their suggestions, concerns and ideas. It’s in that spirit of cooperation and transparency, that I strongly welcome you to contact me and let me know how your City Hall can better serve you! 

I’m deeply honored to serve this City as its Mayor and I know that together Hialeah will be the best place in Florida to make the American Dream a reality. 


Mayor Esteban Bovo, Jr.