Residential Customer Service (Brown Container)

The City provides once-a-month bulk and yard waste collection for large items such as sofas, chairs, desks, mattresses, tables, box springs, sofas, toilets, barbeques, televisions, carpeting, tree limbs, and kitchen cabinetry furnishings, mattresses, home appliances, and tree debris.

The city is not required to collect the following items:

  • Discarded construction materials
  • Rocks
  • Plaster
  • Concrete
  • Roofing materials
  • Flooring materials
  • Lumber
  • Chain-link metal fence
  • Wood fencing materials
  • Other materials resulting from construction or demolition
  • Land clearing debris
  • Excavated fill
  • Dirt
  • Yard waste generated by a commercial lawn care company
  • Plants from a nursery
  • Wrecked or scrapped vehicle parts
  • Tires
  • Batteries
  • Boat parts
  • Motorbike parts
  • Trailers

The proprietor, tenant, or association is required to dispose of all unacceptable materials at a disposal site.