Leah the Flamingo

Headshot of Leah the Flamingo Mascot with awards

Leah is the official mascot for the City of Hialeah. Leah embodies the spirit, diversity, and energy that defines Hialeah. This cheerful bird personifies the warmth and vibrancy of Hialeah's residents. With a permanent smile on her beak and a twinkle in her eye, Leah is always ready to welcome visitors and locals alike with open wings!

She's got the city's rhythm in her bones and the taste of Hialeah in her heart. When not dazzling the crowds with her dance moves, you can find Leah enjoying the culinary delights in Hialeah. With her elegant beak, she's a master at savoring the crispy, golden croquetas - whether stuffed with ham, cheese, or anything in between. But what's a croqueta without a cafecito to wash it down? Leah's cafecito addiction is legendary. She's often spotted perched at the local ventanita, sipping her tiny cup of strong Cuban coffee.

So, if you spot a pink flamingo in Hialeah with a croqueta in one wing and a cafecito in the other, you've met Leah!